Jan 11

Mechanic Gardening

gd7093A mechanic and a cat, do high desert container gardening, another year.

Last year we did pretty well by my standards growing over $500.00 worth of goodies without a garden.

We used a variety of containers such as old tires, a discarded refrigerator, some discarded drums, various pots, and the utility easement. Check out how its going when you can.

Jan 10

Getting Started!

If you are new around here this is a good post to start with. gd7-051

If  your interested a great place to start would be with the garden manual portions from the Feb. 28, 2011 post. These three portions will give a better idea about the goal than anything else here. Hopefully you will save them for reference as well.

Then you can follow the posts from last year and see what we did with the information above. Then do some yourself, I was very impressed last year with how much daily eating for a family of four came out of the three little units we did. In fact the first thing we planted last year was swiss chard 4 plants and it is still growing and producing some in the cold.

I will try and get a decent camera to help this year and a better scale. If everything works out great this year I would like to be able to take a garden unit or two to mothers this year for her to enjoy, if things work out that way.

I’ll keep you updated hopefully better this year as well.

Jun 05

BASIL = Pesto?

I’ve been slow about keeping up, but this week I wanted to update

gd16you on things. A surprise this year is Basil.  Something that seemed interesting for a couple of years. I ended up with a couple of nice looking 5 gallon pails and decided to give it a try.

It is definitely something to do, the basil grows well in the pails, I drilled a hole in the bottom side of each. Then we put 3 plants in each on. My wife harvests them every couple of weeks and uses some to make pesto I think it is called. Very tasty stuff on lots of dishes. Adds some serious spice to life.

A great thing about Basil is that if you harvest it right it doubles after every picking. Basil is something that also enhances this type of garden as well, many people like to brush the plants and then sit in the garden. One of my friends love to do so, she says it make the area a “happy place ” with the smell of the fresh basil.

Nov 21

Hooch ?

hoochThis is something we have wanted to explore for some time now. And with most things mad science it started with a book. and then another and the rest is history. This experiment in mad science is technically called “frankenmead” or hooch.

One of the areas I see phenomenal advancement and growth in is in the evidence based nutrition area. With so much available in this area and the downhill slide in the medical industry there is room for some growth and innovation I believe in this area. Perhaps the word should be rediscovery.

One of the things I have noticed is that as the general health and diet of america degrades so does our ability to digest and absorb nutrients. A steady diet of pink slime and soon enough a healthy diet change is hard to do. Because the enzymes and flora to absorb process and digest healthy foods is missing in many people.

One way around this and making nutrients more absorb-able is to mix them easily digested materials.

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Jun 08

Citrus Sun Tea

2013 1543With not much exciting happening in the garden in a while I thought something refreshing might be in order.

This is something inspired by a getaway to the NHRA Mile High Nationals in Denver CO. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 07

The Next Door Neighbor Jason

A chronicle of the Adventures of Jason

May 28

05-27-2013 Raw is Awesome

Amazing Mango Pie

Amazing Mango Pie

Just had to add this post about one of the best things I have had in a long while.

It is an awesome pie that is amazing and it is indescribably delicious. I will have them update this post with the recipe soon so check back often.

Mar 05

03-04-2013 Getting Ready

Just a quick note.

The Asparagus is starting to come up and the strawberries as well. Planted some basil seeds and more.

Feb 04


Winter Treat

Winter Treat

When Cabin Fever starts setting in, there is nothing that helps like a fresh salad from a winter garden. This is something i discovered by accident actually.

I was hoping to get one more harvest from the salad barrels through the first freeze and I stuck some tomato cages in the lettuce barrel portions and then I put an inexpensive drum liner over each barrel.

To my total surprise this has kept the lettuce growing through the winter, even when the temps dropped to 14 degrees F. the lettuce has kept going. Some has even started from seed and continues to grow.

The interesting part is that these containers are located in area that is mostly shade so the lettuce will survive the brutal heat, somehow they survive in the cold and shade.

The “mini” greenhouses also seem to hold in moisture very well since the liners fit tightly over the drum portions and have not needed any watering through the winter.

The taste is the treat, in the colder temps the mostly mesclum mix of greens turns many interesting colors from light red to purple even and the taste is amazing.

There are also Mustard Greens, Swiss Chard and Spinach happily growing through the winter. The drum liners are the inexpensive ones from the home center that are used as trash can liners in 55 gallon drums, and they hold up super well in the cold weather. I push the tops into the tomato cages with a small slit in each so they collect water from the snow and water the containers.

For us this is a welcome treat and worth a little time and cold to bring in a fresh salad, already chilled and ready to eat. Another added treat is each leaf is perfect since the bugs and pests left with the first freeze.nw4 001



nw4 015


Just add you favorite dressing and ingredients for a cabin fever busting salad.



Aug 05


100This is more of a catch up on how things have gone through the long hot summer this year, as well a BIG THANK YOU for all the help and advise and recipes the readers have sent me, I really appreciate the help very much, I am very fortunate to be blessed by the help and participation many have contributed. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 04

Salade Lyonnaise – Lyonnaise Salad

sl1Salade Lyonnaise  or Lyonnaise Salad

The temps are getting above 95f  here now so the garden has pretty much shut down for the hot season. The salad crops have all went to seed, so I pulled them all up, added them to the mulch pile and replanted them to be ready for when it cools down dome. With that comes the getting the last bits of the salad fixins as well for a short while.

Something I am trying to perfect in my own little way is something called a Lyonnaise Salad, what my french friend Andre called the sexiest thing you can do with a salad, of course he thought everything french was the sexiest. Anyway this is a salad with a Lyon’s France heritage. It is not a wimpy side salad but a main course salad of sorts.

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May 30

Hot Weather Progress

With such a late and short spring, and now a hot dry summer, things have had a hard time doing well, but most are surviving.

I also did not have the time to do as much as usual this year with a late start so with all that in mind here is where things are so far.

Lets start with the tomatoes in the cinder blocks first, I only planted 6 this year, 2 of the best three from last year.

I planted 2 Husky Cherry tomatoes because they held up the best in the heat and grew all summer.

t1Then 2 Early Girl plants, They also did best in the heat, they don’t cat=face in the heat and you can usually get two crops here each year

Then I grew a bell pepper plant, a native pepper flea peppers, and Santa Fe peppers.

Then 3 Okra plants, I might have overdone the Okra last year, my friends are likely burned out on pickled okra so I scaled back t o 3 this year.

Next I have 3 buckets of Basil that are doing well, Basil is a something that makes the garden place a happy one so it is enjoyed.

One nice thing about Basil is that if you harvest it right it doubles every time you cut it.

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Mar 27

Cure all salad

gpt-054With lettuce and greens being about the only things growing here in the winter, and a little stout tasting at that. I decided my focus this year would be to become decent at making a main course salad. An unusual one for our area but well suited to the types of greens in our area is a Lyonaise salad. Hopefully it will develop nicely as things go. It is basically a salad with a Lyons France heritage. Using “spicy” greens a warm shallot dressing that slightly wilts the greens, made with white wine vinegar to soften the bitterness of the greens. Then it is topped with a poached egg to make it sensually indulgent and robust as a main course.

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